El Jarillal


With guided tours from our neighbouring town of San Javier you can experience the wonderful journey to the famous Campaqui.  Access begins with a 6 Km hike to La Constancia, an old plantation remodelled into a mountain hostel; from here you have the option of either climbing to the peak or using mules through interesting landscapes where you can view the beautiful riversides and falls of San Javier.

Day tours & Excursions

Guided day tours to Hacienda Corralito offers you an intimate experience in the tasting of their prestigious extra virgen olive oil which was established in an old olive plantation of the 19thcentury. Here, you also have the option of horseback riding with the owners of the hacienda.

Gonzalo Arturo Escandon Ghersi

After the blessing of abundant travel, I have gathered a high level of experience in the hospitality service to share with my guests in this hidden retreat in the valley of the Comechingones.

Jake & Lucca

My noble companions… from day one they have stood with warmth and unconditional love by my side, expressing their loyalty and companionship.